SureDone Status

Date System Status
8/10/2021 Status

8/10/2021 1:00pm Eastern: We have resolved the issue. Bulk and other systems are fully functional.

8/10/2021 9:51am Eastern: We are experiencing an issue with our servers that is reducing our ability to autoscale as load increases. This is causing degradation of the speed of bulk processing, and also updates to channels - eBay, Amazon and Walmart. Please refrain from uploading bulk jobs until this issue has been resolved (we've identified the issue and are in the process of correcting it)

5/7/2021 Status

5/7/2021 8:15pm Eastern: And.. logs are back.

5/7/2021 3:00pm Eastern: We're having issues with the logs again. It is not affecting anything other than viewing logs at this point. Happy Friday!

5/7/2021 11:15am Eastern: The issue has been resolved.

5/7/2021 9:00am Eastern: We're having issues with our log system. Because our log system is used to manage limits on newer accounts, listing and updates may be impacted. We have identified the issue and are working to rapidly correct it. Stay tuned, and sorry for the Friday inconvenience!

3/30/2021 Status

3/30/2021 3:00pm Eastern: We had a large bulk job from a customer that was clogging up the works. Things are back to normal and we have a fix in the to-do list to reduce the chance of it happening again.

3/30/2021 9:00am Eastern: We are experiencing issues with our bulk system. Some jobs are not starting and others are being slow to process. We have our team on it and are figuring things out now.

3/24/2021 Status

3/24/2021 11:41am Eastern: Shipstation has responded: In speaking with our development team we have identified a potential issue for a release done to the module for SureDone and have reverted back to the old module until a fix can be issued. Users should now be able to connect these stores without errors.

3/24/2021 11:00am Eastern: We're in touch with ShipStation and they are investigating the issue (to see if it's something on their side or our side).

3/24/2021 9:00am Eastern: We're receiving notices that there may be an issue with Shipstation. The integration appears normal on our side so we're contacting them to look at their side.

3/5/2021 Status

3/6/2021 2:08am Eastern:We have stabilized our database system and bulk files are now processing. There is a backup so it may be a few hours before they process at full speed.

3/5/2021 10:00pm Eastern: One of our database systems is experiencing degraded performance and is causing bulk files to process slowly or not at all. We are working to stabilize its performance.

2/6/2021 Status

2/6/2021: Meyer has fixed their issue and updates are now flowing.

2/6/2021: Meyer Distributing is experiencing issues with their data provider. As a result of their issue, items in SureDone may be marked as unavailable and removed from channels.

1/29/2021 Status

1/30/2021 8:00am Eastern: We discovered and corrected all issues with the bulk system at this time. There may be intermittent bulk jobs that do not complete but we're continuing to monitor and adjust the system over the weekend. Please note - one of the major reasons we installed this new upgrade was to have better insight as to why certain bulk jobs, in the past, weren't processing. Unfortunately, the upgrade caused some issues from Wednesday through Friday, but those issues are mostly corrected at this time and the new instrumentation is in place to enhance our customer support and care abilities.

8:00am Eastern: We are experiencing intermittent slowness with the processing of bulk files, whether uploaded by account holders or created via automations. This has escalated to top priority and we have our senior team working to address and correct the issue.

1/27/2021 Status

3:35pm Eastern: The bulk system upgrade is complete. Uploaded bulk files should now be processing. We are keeping a close eye to ensure there are no issues with the upgrade.

2:15pm Eastern: We are currently updating our bulk management system. During this time, you can upload bulk files and automations will run. However, the uploaded files and the bulk files generated by automation engine will not process until the upgrade is complete. We estimate it will take approximately one hour.

12/23/2020 Status

8:49PM Eastern: We have updated our certificates and the system is fully online.

7:00PM Eastern: While they should be auto-renewing and auto-installing, our SSL certificate for our app, www and storefront sites has encountered an issue. We're manually installing a new one and the system should be back online shortly.

11/25/2020 Status

6:07PM Eastern: Amazon has informed us that the components of their system we use "have now recovered". We have confirmed that logins appear to be back to normal as does the rest of the platform. We're going to call this outage DONE for the moment. Thank goodness. Obviously we'll continue to monitor, and if you see any lingering issues please open a support ticket ASAP. To our American customers, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. To everyone else, have an amazing Thursday tomorrow.

3:35PM Eastern: It appears that the system is starting to return. Logging in is intermittent, so if it doesn't work the first time - try again. Refresh your page if you get an error. As of 3:15PM eastern, Amazon stated "... (We) expect full recovery to still take up to a few hours."

1:47PM Eastern: Amazon just stated on their status page "The team has identified the root cause and is working on resolving the issue affecting this subsystem."

1:02PM Eastern: It doesn't help, but this Amazon outage is going to end up being on the all time biggest outages list. We're all as frazzled as you probably are. Talk about timing - right before Black Friday and CyberMonday. We're keeping an eye on this minute by minute so you'll know as soon as we know. AWS outage has taken down a big chunk of the internet

12:16PM Eastern: Amazon has said they are still working on the issue. This issue is also affecting companies like SiriusXM,, Dish Network,, Vonage and other companies beyond SureDone. We're confident that Amazon is treating this issue with the utmost urgency.

10:35AM Eastern: Amazon AWS is experiencing issues with their authentication platform which is what is preventing users from logging into SureDone. Please see for additional information. Once Amazon clears up the issue on their side, the SureDone issue should disappear.

10:30AM Eastern: We're experiencing an issue with the AWS authentication server that is blocking new logins. We're currently investigating.

11/18/2020 Status

11:28AM Eastern: We have identified the issue on one of our database servers and corrected it. Speed and availability are returning to normal.

11:00AM Eastern: We are experiencing performance issues and potential partial outages with our primary application, API and storefront servers. This is currently being investigated.

10/19/2020 Status We've identified a great new system for showing site status and performance (including allowing you to subscribe to updates via email) that will be implemented in December.