19th September 2016

SureDone Primary Application Hosting Provider Experiencing Issues

We have received a notice from our hosting provider that they are experiencing connectivity issues.

Approximately 9:00pm Eastern Time.

It appears as if most of the Cogent issues have settled down but we're going to continue to monitor this.

From the provider at approximately 5:25pm Eastern Time.

"This upstream incident continues to affect Lightcrest. We are receiving widespread, global reports of latency and packet loss issues caused by the Cogent outage from multiple providers and sites. Although Cogent has been removed from our network border, they are peered at a global level with every other transit provider in their peer class, which means that transit will be affected for a subset of customers until this issue is resolved. We are continuing to work with all of our network upstream providers to further mitigate this issue and will provide updates when possible, as well as a post-mortem when this incident is fully mitigated."

From the provider at approximately 3pm Eastern Time.

"Cogent continues to experience issues after they have advised us this incident is resolved. We are currently in the process of permanently removing Cogent from our network border. We expect to have a post-mortem root cause analysis sent out in approximately 2 hours (14:00:00 PDT). Thank you for your patience"

If you are running Windows, you can do a "tracert www.suredone.com" from a command prompt (see https://kb.intermedia.net/article/682) for an example. If you see "cogentco" in any of the results, you are affected by this issue.