28th February 2017

Server Migration to AWS (Phase 6), scheduled 3 years ago

Duration: Ongoing starting on 3/16/2017.
What: We will be moving our storefront and job retrieval servers to Amazon Web Services.
Impact: This will storefronts and any automations where SureDone needs to retrieve information from a remote server.. There are changes required to be made, external to SureDone, by customers.

  • Starting on 3/16/2017 at 10PM, customers should REMOVE the A record pointing to from their DNS.
  • If your website starts with www (i.e. www.domain.com), you should ADD a CNAME record pointing to storefronts.suredone.com
  • If your website is just your domain (i.e. domain.com), please check with your DNS provider to see if you can add an ALIAS or ANAME record (Not to be confused with an "A" record) pointing to storefronts.suredone.com. If you cannot add an ALIAS or ANAME record, create a new A record pointing to
  • If we retrieve a file from a remote server via FTP or another method, and this server is protected by a firewall or locked to specific IPs, please ADD to access this server. This needs to happen at 10pm on 3/28/2017 or we will not be able to retrieve your automation file!

The legacy storefront servers located at will be unavailable after 12pm eastern time 3/18/2017.

Note: If you experience issues with SureDone, please clear your cache and refresh your browser prior to opening a ticket.